I wish I could say I started taking pictures when I was 5 years old. I wish I could boast that Annie Leibovitz gave me my first camera, the truth is, when I was growing up, photography was definitely not one of the career options to get by, and was a hobby for a select few. Then 9 years ago, Pacific Northwest happened in my life. I couldn’t resist the diverse breathtaking views all around that screamed to be photographed and shared for likes. 

I bought my first camera and started taking lots of pictures. First I was obsessed with landscape photos, then my family and friends made more and more appearances in them. Although landscape photography is still in my heart, portraits and events have been the focus since then. Last year I had a chance to take photos at a couple of weddings and I enjoyed it so much.These experiences ended up being the most challenging but also the most rewarding.

When the dust settles and we are allowed to gather in groups large and small, I would love to join and capture the day for you to remember.

More things about me:
1. I’m among top 1000 photographers on Unsplash. Download my pictures for free: unsplash.com/sakulich. Some of my photos are for sale on Cavan.
2. I enjoy a solid plant based meal and my favorite is Pick Up Limes rice and lentil burger. 
3. During summer time you can catch me on a hike or backpacking trip in Washington. Looking forward to a day to win the Enchantments lottery again, it has been too long and day hike is too fast to soak in.

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